WELCOME to JEGLAW LTD where Immigration and Citizenship is our PASSION and our MISSION!

The Immigration and Nationality Act, companion federal regulations, federal agency memoranda, and the federal cases that interpret them, combine to govern the lives of foreign-born persons in the United States. Immigration and nationality law directs the lives of immigrants from the time of their arrival all the way to their acquisition of citizenship. Immigration and nationality law is extremely complex, it’s always changing, and its practice requires a lawyer’s commitment and focus beyond that which can be provided by newcomers.

JEGLAW LTD, directed by Jon Eric Garde, Esq., is professionally acknowledged as a leading immigration and nationality law office in the State of Nevada. JEGLAW LTD is a comprehensive immigration and nationality law practice and is prepared to address all citizenship applications, investment-based procedures, family-based and employment-based procedures, removal defenses, asylum and related applications, and all immigration-related federal litigation. Having litigated several published federal cases, Mr. Garde speaks before Nevada and National professional associations in service to his profession. He takes pride in having personally been involved in securing or saving lawful status in the United States for over 4,000 persons during his career.

JEGLAW LTD is a client-centered practice that provides our clients with personal concerns. Our commitment to each client is unwavering up to the completion of every case. We successfully complete straight forward cases and take the time to cover every detail concerning complex and/or discretionary cases with a remarkable rate of success. When needed, we are equipped to see our clients through challenging or unique circumstances, even those that define the boundaries of the law.

We take the time required to understand all relevant interpretations of applicable law and all of the subtle facts of each client’s case. We take the time with each client to help them understand the strategy behind their case. Of course, common sense and the rules of professional conduct prevent any attorney from guaranteeing success, because the grant of an immigration benefit comes from governing federal agencies and federal administrative and judicial courts. Without compromising the highest standards of professional conduct, our track record proves our willingness and ability to uncover all viable possibilities for many persons who come to us without hope.

With over 20 years of experience, it is our honor to serve you!