AFTER OVER TWENTY YEARS IN PRACTICE, MORE THAN FOUR THOUSAND FAMILIES HAVE IMMIGRATED THROUGH MY WORK. My name is Jon Eric Garde, Esq., and Immigration and Nationality Law is my life’s passion.

Immigration and Nationality Law is about people’s lives and the relationships that qualify foreign born persons to live safely and securely in the United States. The Immigration and Nationality Act, (the INA), is being constantly revised by Congress to change the manner that the law regulates relationships and activities that qualify foreign born persons to be admitted to this country temporarily for business, pleasure, investment or extended employment, or to immigrate on a road to US citizenship. The INA also defines the pardons available to keep families together, after someone crosses the border and remains in this country illegally, enters with a visa and overstays their permission to remain, attempts to immigrate or immigrates through fraud, or commits a crime before or after immigrating. When persons flee their home countries for fear of persecution, the INA is the source of life and death decisions to determine whether or not to permit these refugees to remain in this country. Until someone is a US citizen, virtually every aspect of an immigrant’s life is regulated by the INA, and competent counsel should be consulted before an immigrant should make important life decisions. Immigration options should be comprehensively offered, not sold to you for being most profitable to your attorney. What you want and need, and not what I want, is what matters.

My interest in Immigration and Nationality Law was born out of volunteer help provided to the 100s of thousands of Central American Refugees flooding Los Angeles during the 1980s. During this time, I worked as a union carpenter, volunteering at night with legal aid construction projects and fund raising, until I decided to go to law school, inspired by a three week trip to El Salvador. I was among numerous church persons from across the United States on a purely humanitarian mission to accompany tens of thousands of displaced refugees, as they returned to their bombed out villages in the Department of Chaletenango, El Salvador, following six years of being displaced in United Nation’s run refugee camp at Mesa Grande, Honduras.

After returning to the United States from this life changing journey, I attended law school at the State University of New York, Buffalo Law School. I won my first asylum case for an Iranian student serviced by my law school clinic. I was also employed by VIVE: an organization of global refugees to assist with security concerns at a refugee shelter, and was also employed by Canadian Immigration Counsel, assisting in the preparation of asylum applications for Canadian refugee status, who resided temporarily at VIVE’s shelter. After graduating from Law School, I became a member of the New York Bar, and at the close of 1992, I took a job as the Director of the Immigration Program of Lutheran Social Ministries of the Southwest, providing services to indigent immigrants in the city. Funding for the project came to an end in 1994, and I started my own practice, becoming a member of the Nevada Bar as well.

Since opening my offices at the onset of 1995, I have assisted over four thousand families to immigrate, have won a significant number of federal cases, have represented several hundreds of persons in immigration court, helped several hundred professional employees secure durable working status, and have helped hundreds of investors call America home. My reputation persists as a strong, knowledgeable, diligent and passionate advocate, with an extraordinary ratio of success in the representation of my clients, particularly involving difficult cases, [some] of which have been published by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Now that you know me, allow me the pleasure and privilege of getting to know and take care of you, and to provide your case, which is YOUR LIFE, the kind of comprehensive review necessary to take care of your needs. Give my office a call and arrange a consultation at (702) 858-5940.

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