New Immigration Laws

Comprehensive Immigration Reform has not passed into law yet. Please be cautious of fraud. The immigration laws have been changing, but if someone promises you something that sounds too good to be true (I have connections; I can make the process faster; the judge knows me; etc), it’s probably because it isn’t true. More importantly, those lies are illegal and you should immediately report anyone making those type of promises to the Nevada Bar. At JEGLAW we will always emphasize the pros and cons of every option we suggest you take. We will take your individual fact pattern and map out every route.

Our law office is proud to serve the Nevada community. We are happy to provide legal information to community organizations wherein we provide general information about what is happening in the world of immigration law: new laws, present laws, what the law means, etc. Contact our office to check for availability and to arrange a date for us to attend the forum/ town-hall meeting/ etc.