Stopping Removal/Deportation

If someone you know is presently incarcerated it is pivotal that you immediately contact an experienced attorney before anything is signed.

If you have been served with an order for deportation proceedings, you still may be able to stay in the United States.
There are several different ways you can seek relief from deportation. Some methods for relief from deportation include:

  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Asylum
  • Withholding of deportation
  • Voluntary departure
  • Request Prosecutorial Discretion

All forms of relief are not available to all. Specific factors can play an important role in what relief is available such as:

    • How long the undocumented person has been physically present in the United States
    • Has the undocumented person traveled out of the U.S?
    • Does the undocumented person have good moral character?
    • Would deportation cause extreme hardship on the undocumented person or the family?
    • Does the undocumented person have United States citizen parents, children, and/or spouse
    • Has the undocumented person been persecuted or fears future persecution in the home country because of: Race / Nationality / Religion / Political belief or opinion / Membership in a certain social group

Immigration law is incredibly complex. Only after meeting with us can we fully assess all your available options and explain the risks of each. Arrange a free consultation with us today.